Brand research and analysis

Strong brands aren’t built with guesswork. We offer in-depth evaluations for all elements of your brand, grounded in the science of human behavior. The data we uncover may surprise you. But the results at your bottom line from branding based on solid research will thrill you.

  • Corporate culture

  • Market trends and potential

  • Graal Brand Potential Analysis™

Brand strategy

Becoming a brand people choose again and again demands focused strategy. A strategy built around why you do what you do. We help you define and develop a solid core for your brand to ensure everything you do and say and show will align, internally and externally.

  • Vision framework

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand promise

  • Brand architecture

Brand identity

Brand experience is based on seeing, hearing and believing. By creating a visual and verbal brand identity people experience as genuine and relevant, we create emotional connections for your brand. The kind of connections that drive sales and loyalty.

  • Corporate visual identity

  • Brand and product design

  • Brand naming, tonality and expression

  • Identity guidelines

Brand communication

In branding, there is no underestimating the power of communication to steer perception, and choice. Based on your unique brand strategy and identity, we create brand-building communication concepts and guidelines that hold the right course.

  • Top-level brand concepts

  • Brand communication and campaigns

  • Communication guidelines

  • Corporate and social engagement

Brand Experience

People experience your brand not just by what you say, but how you act. So we help lift your brand strategy from paper to action. Working with a holistic, experiential framework, we seek to draw people into enduring relationship – helping you strengthen the brand you’ve lovingly created and keep it continually relevant.

  • Pulse-checks of the brand experience

  • Gap analyses

  • Mapping opportunities for new experiences

  • Leadership motivation and behavior

  • Employer branding and culture

  • Brand communication and co-creation

We are the brand agency that transforms brands and the people who love them, using the science of human behavior to build business beyond reason