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Hiab is the leading provider of on-road load handling equipment and services. With a focus on robustness, versatility and safety, their products, services and spare parts are valued for helping owners and operators perform, day in and day out.

As the company entered a major turn-around phase, the brand platform needed a total revision. We helped Hiab develop a go-to-market plan including a new multi-brand strategy, a new corporate identity and a new brand promise.

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Cramo is a European leader in equipment rental services, including rental of modular space. With new, niche actors advancing in the market, competitive analysis confirmed the more focused a brand was on modular space, the more successful it was.

Recognizing that temporary space rental aims at a different target group than equipment rental, we set out to give this offering a distinct brand communication based on relevant arguments. And since two widely different offers often benefit from a sub-brand strategy, we helped Cramo develop and successfully launch the sub-brand Cramo Adapteo.

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NIBE Stoves is a market-leading supplier of fireplaces and stoves in Europe. A series of acquisitions expanded the company’s range of brands on the Swedish market to include Contura, Cronspisen, Handöl and Roslagsspisen. And with that, came the challenge of focusing product development and marketing through brand consolidation.

In a revealing Graal Brand Potential Analysis™ we identified the target groups’ genuine sales-driving brand associations and found that Contura was by far the strongest brand. The analysis also revealed that brand choice was more emotional than rational. Customers aren’t just choosing a source of heat. They’re choosing an attractive piece of furniture — a personal expression of style along with a desire for a specific experience.

Creating a

New York Stock Exchange


JBT Corporation is today a multi-billion dollar US company and is a world leader in food processing solutions. The story of their well-known brand identity began as they were preparing for introduction on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). For which the spin-off company from FMC Technology, turned to us for a total brand makeover.

Starting with naming and graphic identity, we helped the organization build a strong new brand platform. Into their strong corporate traditions and values, we wove expressions of a modern organization that both anticipates and answers customer needs. A distinctive brand platform and corporate visual identity that would serve as a springboard for future success.

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Medius is a world leader in AP invoice automation solutions. As a fast-paced and quickly growing international company, Medius felt the time was right to develop and communicate a strong brand vision – within the company as well as externally.

We started by helping Medius create a new strategic brand platform and anchor it internally. Based on this, we then developed a base for external brand communication, both print and digital.

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