Strong brands drive choice. It´s as simple and as powerful as that. We help define and express your brand. Safeguarding everything that drives preference and eliminating the things that don´t.



People are more irrational than they like to think. In the flood of products and pricing and logos and USPs, people make emotional choices before reasoning kicks in. And those choices hold stronger and longer. The good news is science tells us why. With proven analyses about what drives human behavior, we help you become a chosen brand.

In a global


Your essence and what you stand for are the same across borders. Yet, how individuals interpret and interact with your brand is as unique as the regions you serve. We build global harmony for your brand with targeted analysis, strategy, design, communication and experiences.

Using powerful


Today, potential customers see less and less difference in products and services. Instead soft parameters for brands — or meta values — are essential differentiators. Things like inspiration, ease of doing business with and knowledge. Most companies have these elements in place, but aren’t communicating their value to potential customers.

Strategy + Creativity + Action

We’ve developed proprietary methods such as the Graal Brand Potential Analysis™ specifically to find your essential differentiators. Yet, equally important, we work with a brand model that takes you from analysis to action. Lifting your brand strategy off the paper into real life. Mixing strategy and creativity, we bring you brand value with bottom-line results.

Graal branding


Our branding model is designed to create compelling customer experiences. Experiences that lead to brand preference, loyalty and love. This hinges on expressing a distinctive brand promise and identity in two ways: through what you say and what you do. Changes in communication can happen relatively quickly. Yet behavior is far more complex. Often, we need to change behavior throughout the organization, which takes time and lot of effort. We work closely with you to make the process smooth and effective.

The differentiators for your brand promise and identity derive from two important parameters: positioning and personality. And, of course, all of these elements radiate from a strong brand core comprised of a clear vision, purpose and values.

Graal Brand Potential


Developed in cooperation with brand researchers Dr. Niklas Bondesson and Dr. Johan Anselmsson of Lund University, this analytical tool connects your market’s perception of your brand with actual sales. Rooted in the biology and psychology of decision-making, we get beyond what customers say, to what actually drives them to choose. The results reveal the meta values and brand position that will generate the highest returns in revenue or price premium for your brand.

Here you can see the results of a meta study of B2B sales drivers based on 3,000 replies from decision makers in 50 countries. Notice that product and price drive neither volume nor price premium. Instead parameters like inspiration, sense of belonging and prestige are the powerful premium-price drivers.

Brand Experience

Infinity Loop™

Working with brand experience is about creating brand love. And love isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things. We love, choose, and forgive a brand not because of any one gesture, but because of all of them. So when we talk about brand experience we should not be talking about AN experience, but THE experience. Every touchpoint your brand has creates a perception in people´s minds and hearts over time. Brand experience is a relationship, not a date.

A brand experience impacts the brand experience, but you can’t create the brand experience with an event or campaign. This should take some of the pressure off to perform in any one moment. Every little thing doesn’t need to be an experience, but rather support the brand experience.

When working with your brand experience, your traditional sales funnel is not the whole story. Your marketing action plan towards awareness and leads is only a part of the experience, as is your digital user experience and customer journey. All sorts of touchpoints are not covered in these models – from your lobby ambiance to employee happiness to your policies for suppliers. The experience waiting in your lobby or feelings about how you treat suppliers are as much an experience of your brand as using your product or seeing an ad.

This is why we work with a holistic brand experience infinity loop.

infinity loop

From exploring a need, to discovering solutions, to evaluating your brand, choosing you, using your product, loving you and advocating for you – the infinity loop defines your brand equity. There is no end point, there is only forward movement and continuing relationship. with a holistic brand experience infinity loop.

How to sustainably

communicate sustainability

How to sustainably communicate sustainability and walk the fine line between green and greenwashing

For many companies, sustainability has become top of the agenda. Employees, customers, and end-users are raising increasing demands on companies’ CSR performances and are rapidly switching to companies who care not only for their profits, but also for their impact on people and the planet. Investors are implementing new models for calculating future value including a more holistic approach to their role in society, and economists are redesigning the very definition of profitability.

How does this influence your organization? The only thing you can be sure of is that it does. To find out exactly how, you need to analyze the drivers behind decision-making in your industry and markets. Likely, they are a mix of needs and requirements from your customers’ whole value-chain. Your own values also play a big part in how firmly you drive your organization towards more sustainable business-making.

Regardless of your sustainability achievements so far, your sustainability communication should always be open and transparent. Concrete messages in simple language beats jargon and over-used phrases every time. Your audiences are tired of buzz words and claims – show them, don’t tell them.

Contact us if you want to know more about balancing the fine line between green and greenwashing and turning skeptical audiences into brand believers.

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