Creative Director

As one of the most experienced corporate identity and brand development specialists in Scandinavia, Anders combines strategic insight with creative thinking and an awesome eye for design and detail.

Anders directs major CVI assignments, including driving workshops and convincing board members, as well as merging companies.

Among the previous agencies Anders has called home, we count Borstahusen and Appel & Falk in Sweden, and Kunde & Co in Copenhagen, Denmark (with guest appearances in London, Zürich, Düsseldorf, Helsinki, Oslo, and Stockholm).

Tel: +46 42 386855





Having worked with branding, marketing and communication for over two decades, Ann-Christin has built increasing specialization in brand development, expression and experience.

Born in Norway, Ann-Christin lived 30 years in the United States where consulted for clients ranging from non-profit groups to Fortune 500 firms. She holds a BA in English from Baylor University and, true to her love of learning, also minored in History and Biology.

Ann-Christin serves as a strategist creative within the Pyramid/Petra/Graal group, and also shares her branding expertise via board positions in investment groups and start-ups.

Tel: +46 42 386861




General Manager

Emma has worked with branding and communication for over 10 years, with a deep background in sales, marketing and business development from several different industries, including finance, telecom and high-tech. The last five years have seen her leading major brand strategy projects and initiatives at Pyramid Communication.

Emma studied law for four and a half years at Lund University, where she also studied national economics and sociology of law.

Today, Emma is part owner and member of the board of Pyramid Communication, web agency Petra and Graal Brand Agency.

Tel: +46 42 386875




Brand Strategist

Mats is one of Sweden’s most respected brand and marketing professionals. His career spans almost 20 years of experience in senior positions with major international companies like Ericsson, Electrolux and Skanska and digital players such as Readly, as well as over 10 years as a brand and marketing consultant.

With a degree in Management Sciences from the London School of Economics, Mats is a former chairman and board member of Sveriges Annonsörer (the Association of Swedish Advertisers), a co-founder of the advertising effectiveness award 100-wattaren and has been designated as an “Internationalist” by the International Advertising Association.

Tel: +46 42 386819




Senior Strategic Advisor

Ulf has worked with branding and communication for over 25 years. After earning an MBA in Economics, he joined Anderson & Lembke — the leading B2B agency in the world.

Next, with 10 successful years working with Swedish multinational companies to his credit, Ulf became co-founder and partner of Pyramid Communication AB. Pyramid has been ranked as Sweden’s best B2B agency for nine consecutive years and works with well-regarded global B2B companies.

Tel: +46 42 386826



We partner with major universities, brand researchers, and other experts within every field of branding. And of course, we regularly bring in branding and other specialists from our sister agencies: Web Agency Petra and Pyramid Communication, Sweden’s leading B2B advertising agency. So you gain a complete branding partner in Graal.

We are the brand agency that transforms brands and the people who love them, using the science of human behavior to build business beyond reason