Stockholm, 28 November 2023

Comprend launches integrated offering for tech-enabled marketing and communication

Multi-award-winning agencies, Nordic Morning, Comprend, Petra, Pyramid and Graal, are uniting as one agency, under the Comprend brand. The new agency will establish a new industry category, offering unrivalled expertise in tech-enabled marketing and communication, creating long-term trust and sustainable growth for their clients.

The five agencies have collaborated in a common business area in Aura, previously H&H Group of agencies, since May 2022, and have a strong track record in B2B, B2C and corporate communication. The new Comprend is now embarking on an ambitious mission to drive transformative impact for clients by bridging the gap between marketing and communication.

With technology as an enabler, the new agency boasts over 300 specialists across Sweden, Finland, the UK and Poland. By bringing deep expertise and perspectives together, Comprend offers services including marketing, corporate communications, tech and digital business, performance and analytics, and brand, on a global level for clients that include Saab, Diageo, SSAB, Vattenfall, SCA, Alfa Laval.

Comprend will be best placed to partner with clients with complex needs by enabling them to engage with a wider team of specialists and more integrated offerings.

Martin Petersson, President Aura and CEO of Comprend says:
“This is a fantastic opportunity, and I am excited to continue this journey together with colleagues and clients. I strongly believe in the greater value created for clients by combining the different perspectives of five agencies becoming one. Our strong track record of collaboration makes me confident that we will bridge the gap between marketing and communication and truly increase the effect of our services using smart technology. Comprend plays an important role as the tech lead in Aura’s strategy to be a long-term partner to clients for trust and sustainable growth.”

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For more information
For more information please contact
Martin Petersson, President Aura, CEO Comprend
+46 70 97 112 91

About Comprend

Comprend has 300+ specialists across Sweden, Finland, Poland, and the UK with a mission to deliver transformative impact in marketing and communication, using technology as an enabler.

Comprend offers extensive expertise with a strong track record in B2B, B2C and corporate communication. The offering comprises a unique combination of perspectives within marketing and communication together with strong tech capabilities to create extraordinary results for clients.

The new agency brings together the expertise of five Aura agencies: Nordic Morning’s data-driven marketing and digital services, Comprend’s strength in digital communications for listed companies, Pyramid’s focus on creating brand and communication strategies for international B2B brands, Petra’s deep behavioral and technical expertise for global B2B clients, and Graal’s track record in building magical experiences that transform brands and the people who love them.

About Aura

Aura (previously H&H Group) is a leading consulting group with the mission to be the best partner for ambitious clients in building trust and driving sustainable growth with technology as an accelerator. Our capacity spans over 10 agencies and 600 specialists in Sweden, Finland, the UK, and Poland.

Aura gathers specialists in business consulting, strategic and financial communication, sustainability, brand journeys, creative, tech-enabled communication and marketing and data-driven growth. Together, we transform companies, change perceptions, and create lasting value for businesses and society.

  • Stockholm, 30 november 2022

  • Nordic Morning, Comprend, Petra, Pyramid and Graal to become Nordic Morning

Multi-award-winning agencies Nordic Morning, Comprend, Petra, Pyramid and Graal, who have collaborated in a common business area in H&H Group, will be uniting under one brand, called Nordic Morning, during the first half of 2023. Through strong positions in digital marketing, corporate and B2B communication, the new agency will offer a unique combination of deep and broad expertise with around 300 colleagues in Stockholm, Malmö, Helsingborg, Helsinki, London, Hamburg and Gdansk.

Earlier this year, H&H Group created a business area for data- and insight-driven digital communication and marketing with Nordic Morning and Comprend as the foundation. In the summer, digital agency Petra, advertising agency Pyramid and brand agency Graal were acquired and included in the business area. The purpose of the business area, which today is working with some of the world’s leading brands, is to help clients realise strategies and create business results through communication and effective marketing technology.

Johanna Fagrell Köhler, CEO of Nordic Morning and Comprend, will become CEO of the new agency. She says: ”We have seen how the collaboration within the business area has increased based on clients’ needs of our agencies’ services in digital marketing, corporate communication, and digital services development. This makes it natural to gather the agencies into one brand and organisation. The new Nordic Morning will combine strategic and tactical expertise thanks to the different agencies’ competencies that complement each other already today—competencies that will remain and be stronger together.”

”We will compete as a large entity with the culture and creativity of a small entrepreneurial agency. Thanks to our deep and niched expertise, we can better serve and meet the needs of our two distinct target groups within digital and data-driven marketing, communication and ICT. We will be a unique and powerful option for clients.” she says.

”The Nordic Morning brand is well-known in a larger market, so we have chosen to continue with it. We will however start working internally to fill the new agency with a shared vision and values before we make the official change in 2023.” Johanna Fagrell Köhler continues.

Martin Petersson, President and CEO of H&H Group, comments: “We are firmly committed to building a market-leading agency by integrating all skills and capabilities needed to be a dynamic and strong partner for our clients. The new Nordic Morning will offer a unique combination of a deep understanding of value-driven marketing and effective corporate communication, underpinned by a strong technology offering that leverages results. Johanna Fagrell Köhler and her team have in short time proven that the specialist skills we now bring together in one agency are stronger with close collaboration. I look forward to supporting the effort to create a fully integrated Nordic Morning that truly elevates client value.”

The five agencies who will join forces under a shared brand are:

Nordic Morning believes in making the world a better experience. We research, advise, make and activate to encourage our clients to aim further and drive growth. The Nordic Morning team are strategically positioned across the Nordics to serve the needs of our growing Nordic client base, which includes some of the largest and most exciting brands in Europe.

Comprend is the leading digital communications agency for listed companies, large and small. We help companies succeed by understanding and inspiring their key stakeholders. Together with our customers, we solve their challenges with a combination of business communication and digital competence. The Comprend brand will remain as is in the UK for now.

Pyramid helps international B2B brands succeed by creating brand and communication strategies, including communication that moves people and drives sales. We have a long-term brand perspective in everything we do, and each effort builds a clear position while also creating effect for our customers through smart marketing solutions.

Petra challenges traditional IT in global B2B. Our core is deep behavioural and technical expertise. We offer optimized web development and hosting processes together with enhanced lead and data management to create customer experiences that continually connects.

Graal is a business-oriented brand agency, basing everything we do on insights and deep understanding of what drives human behaviour. Using strategy, behavioural science, creativity and design, we build magical brand experiences that transform brands and the people who love them.

More information

For more information please contact:

Martin Petersson, President & CEO of H&H Group
+46 709 711 291

Johanna Fagrell Köhler, CEO Nordic Morning and Comprend
+46 734 10 05 50

About H&H Group

H&H Group is a long-term owner of communication agencies with the ambition of being a market leader. The Group has a combined agency revenue of just over SEK 800 million with 600 employees in Stockholm, Malmö, Linköping, Helsinki, Helsingborg, London, Hamburg and Gdansk. The Group consists of Nordic Morning, Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, Comprend, Springtime-Intellecta, Jung Relations, Creo Media Group, BerntzonBylund, Mods, Identx, Involve, Wonderland, Savvy, Consilio, Axiom Insight, Pyramid, Petra and Graal.

You can find more information here:

4 april 2022

Pingday strengthens its position and prepares for H22 with sharpened brand communication

Pingday, which has built the digital infrastructure in Helsingborg, is working to be a gamechanger on the connectivity scene. Ahead of an inspiring 2022 with H22 as the main attraction, the company has developed a new brand platform in cooperation with Graal Brand Agency in Helsingborg.

"When digitalization rapidly revolutionizes the human experience, our role at the crossroad between technology, society, and business is to create new connected solutions. We are going from a relatively anonymous existence as an infrastructure builder to a proactive market player with an exciting mix of digital services," says Bo Lindberg, Managing Director at Pingday.

With arguably the world's most advanced city network, Pingday is on the digital world stage and felt a need to analyze its brand and lay a good foundation for communication work.

“Together with our brand agency, we have formulated who we are and what we want to accomplish. In a fast-changing industry like ours, it’s essential to stay true to our core and focused on our stakeholders," says Marcela Rosenlöf, Head of Marketing at Pingday.”

"Pingday has a unique position, combining their municipal legacy with passionate entrepreneurship,” says Emma Widerberg, General Manager at Graal. “Cities around the world look to Helsingborg and Pingday as the benchmark and perfect testing ground, yet these are humble, curious, non-prestigious people. Whatever they set their minds on achieving, I have no doubt they will succeed,” she continues smiling.

The brand project was conducted during the fall of 2021, initiating the new partnership between Pingday and Graal, including digital and marketing communications services through Graal’s sister agencies Petra Digital Agency and Pyramid Communication.

For more information, please contact:
Bo Lindberg, 010-179 5001,
Marcela Rosenlöf, 010-179 5011,
Emma Widerberg, 010-344 64 01,

About Pingday
Previously known as Öresundskraft Communication Solutions and run as a separate business area within Öresundskraft, Pingday emerged in January 2021 with responsibility for key elements of the digital infrastructure in Helsingborg, Sweden. For more information, visit

  • 24 january 2018

  • LK chooses Graal to create a common brand platform for the entire Group

LK consists of four companies focusing on the plumbing and shipping industry. The Group employs more than 250 people and operates in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. In order to synchronize the market communication of the various businesses and strengthen the company's brand equity, LK and Graal developed a common brand platform and consolidated all LK-companies under one brand – LK. The branding process involved employees from all companies. A market survey of 5,000 customers has also been completed.

"The survey shows that the majority of customers already see us as LK, no matter the business area. We cooperate a lot within LK and a common brand platform is a great way to reinforce and clarify our offering. Our business areas get better support and can focus even more on future business development,” comments Dan Paradell, CEO at LK.

"The starting point for the job was to create a common brand platform, but we didn’t want to make any hasty conclusions about the benefits of such a solution. Instead, a comprehensive brand survey was conducted and analyzed carefully from a business perspective. Management wanted the new brand platform to lay the foundation for future growth and profitability," said Emma Nilsson, head of Graal.

External launch of the LK brand starts by informing all customers in January 2018, followed by a number of brand-building communication efforts during the year.

Team at Graal:
Anders Adolvsson, Creative Director
Ann-Christin Lindstedt, Brand Developer
Emma Nilsson, Brand Strategist
Jesper Petersson, Production Manager

23 january 2018

Garantell chooses Graal as a partner to develop a new branding platform

Garantell develops and manufactures high-end mesh wall solutions such as machine guards, warehouse and industrial walls, storage systems and property protection. Offices and production are located in Värnamo, Sweden, and the company’s customers are located throughout Europe.

Thanks to digitization of its production and distribution and increasingly automated sales, the company has experienced a sharp growth in a short period of time. Future development plans are equally ambitious. To support the expansion, Garantell is now developing a brand platform in partnership with Graal.

"It was important for us to do a thorough job to ensure that we incorporate our culture and our heritage. Equally important is, of course, to establish a position that supports strong growth and long-term profitability,” says Mikael Axelsson, founder and CEO at Garantell.

"In my role as a brand strategist, I have never encountered a company so far ahead in digitization as Garantell. It is truly impressive. And it is very exciting to be able to contribute to their further success,” says Emma Nilsson, head of Graal.

During the spring 2017, extensive branding has been carried out to map the company’s visionary framework, positioning and brand promise. External launch is scheduled for 2018.

Team at Graal:
Anders Adolvsson, Creative Director
Ann-Christin Lindstedt, Brand Developer
Emma Nilsson, Brand Strategist

  • 21 October 2015

  • ExpandIT renews their identity

Thousands of companies worldwide rely on products from Denmark-based IT company ExpandIT. With over 40 team members throughout Europe and North America, along with a worldwide partner network, their brand presence is expanding as rapidly as their customers’ IT possibilities. Now as they spread across the globe, they want to bring along more of their Scandinavian roots in their brand look.

True to the tenets of Scandinavian design, we’ve created an identity that is light, simple and squarely elegant. Using a uniquely drawn sans serif typeface with sublime openings and no 90-degree endings, we’ve captured the idea of letters expanding.

15 july 2015

Meet us at the Brand Day seminar during Swedish Open in Båstad

Most companies face a challenge in justifying the added value of their products. Especially as customers increasingly perceive products and services as similar. The only way to gain acceptance for a higher price is to be associated with something out of the ordinary. That’s where so-called meta values come in. In other words, we load the brand with soft parameters customers value. So far, most marketers would agree.

The golden question is: are the meta values you’re focusing on — your brand’s “something extraordinary” — truly sales-driving? The answer may surprise you.

Join us as a special guest for a unique branding seminar focused on just these challenges.

Brand Day, Thursday, July 23

In the dynamic setting of Båstad Week and Swedish Open, you’ll hear from leading brands who’ve found glowing success in their markets. The morning breakfast and power session will bring exciting insights into what drives business value, decisions and sales, followed by lunch and world-class tennis.

Speakers include

  • Patrik Romberg, Senior Vice President for Trelleborg

    • How Trelleborg evolved from a traditional industrial company to a stock market star
  • Clas Thott, Vice President Marketing for Hiab

    • How a respected brand takes on a new dynamic in the global market
  • Mats Rönne, Senior Strategist, former head of branding for Electrolux

    • The fascinating story of how Electrolux condensed its 70 brands down to a handful

Seats are limited. For more details, or to register, email:

  • 15 july 2015

  • Save the date: Brand PhD Johan Anselmsson to speak at seminar

Interested in how brands influence choice to increase sales? Then September 4 is for you. We’re excited to announce Johan Anselmsson, Associate Professor responsible for the disciple of Marketing at Lund University, as one of our guest speakers for an exclusive brand seminar.

With eerie accuracy, his unique methods for identifying the factors that really drive customers to buy are used to build strong brands over the long term. Using the latest brand research and a number of real cases, we’ll reveal how you can identify the specific brand associations you need to drive sales.

So save the date and watch for more details here. Already know you can join? Call or email us today to guarantee your seat.

15 july 2015

Avfall Sverige revitalizes its vision

Experts in waste management and recycling, Avfall Sverige is the Swedish Waste Management and Recycling association representing 400 members, including all municipalities (and via them 99.9% of the Swedish population), before legislature, media and other influencers. In 2011 they set forth an ambitious vision, summed up in two words: "Zero waste." Now they’ve begun, together with Graal, the work of further evolving the vision and associated long-term goals in order to clarify municipalities' vital role in achieving this ambition. The vision project launched in spring of 2015 and is scheduled for completion in the autumn.

We are the brand agency that transforms brands and the people who love them, using the science of human behavior to build business beyond reason